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A Quick Guide to your Watch

Thank you for trusting in MoviWear! You just bought not only a NurtureWatch but also Piece of mind… In the following video, you will learn how the Nurture Watch® , by MoviWear, tracks, monitors and alerts of seniors with dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, etc… Your loved ones can be remotely monitored without tethering to a smartphone….

Mobile App – Getting started

Welcome to your Nurture Watch® APP, by using this App you will be able not only to be in touch with your loved one by calling them, but also to receive reminders of medication, doctor appointments and vital sign readings. Families can also receive fall alerts or location alarms through the app. By downloading the…

Main Map, Top Left Menu

Why is the Main Map screen important? The Main Map screen is your starting point to access system options and monitor the user’s watch. From this screen, you can: See the latest information received by the Nurture Watch®: positioning by GPS or WiFi in the map, watch name, location, date, time, speed on lengthy routes,…

Actions Menu – more details

Which are the options you will find in the Actions Menu? By clicking in the arrow next to the word Actions that appears in a blue line, you can find your dashboard with all the available options. Thanks to these icons you will be able to communicate with your loved one, and monitor his/her daily…

Device Settings in the Actions Menu

Which are the options you will find in the Device Setting Icon in the Actions Menu? By clicking in Device Setting Icon button you can find a menu with all the available options. This a very important button, that is why we are giving you more detailed explanations about this one. The first thing you…

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