March 12, 2019

MoviWear Safety Alert Pendant Review

This period of COVID-19 pandemic we went through – and which still troubles us – has completely changed the way we take care of our sick relatives and friends in need. In those cases where precautionary measures such as a quarantine, for example, make it impossible for us to attend to our patient in person,remote monitoring of them becomes essential. But how can we manage to check our dear one’s vital signs, in our daily life, and to provide assistance and also moral support if we can’t be there with them in person? Jacob Moshinsky, founder of MoviWear gives us the right answer to this question: his company’s purpose, in fact, is to construct a healthcare aimed new-generation digital platform which provides users with a 24/7 virtual monitoring through several wearable devices interrelated and connected to cloud-based APP platforms. MoviWear Safety Alert Pendant is one of this ecosystem main devices. 

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